We contribute in the transition towards a sustainable service economy!


  • We believe in a world in which well-being is central. This mindset leads to sustainable collaboration in an infinite game with circular products and services as a result.
  • With attention to nature and our natural potential, we lay a solid foundation for our happiness in life and that of future generations.


  • We want to give free rein to the inexhaustible creativity of people by making knowledge scalable, sharing and thus creating value, which leads to sustainable customer relationships and revenue models.

For whom?

  • We coach entrepreneurs, business developers and service managers who want to turn services into a sustainable revenue model.
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Arno Eussen

Pioneer and Initiator of profitable service concepts.

  • Is excited about: new business and off the beaten track.
  • Realizes: new business models and enthusiastic teams.


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Linda van Aken

Accelerates development of people and partnerships.

  • Is excited about: doing it a little bit differently.
  • Realizes: innovation and ownership of people and teams


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Sebastiaan Zwinkels

Inventor of technological application possibilities.

  • Gets energy from: new technology and software tools.
  • Realizes: integration and acceptance of new software tools.


"... the world is becoming too fast, too complex and too networked for any company to have all the answers inside"

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