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  • The boundaries between products and services are blurring. More and more companies are offering products and services or even offering their product As-A-Service. This development is further enhanced by the requirements that the circular economy imposes on companies.
  • In practice it turns out that it is not easy to go through this transformation successfully.


  • We encourage you to consider your customer's business as if it were a business unit of your own.
  • We help you and your organization to accelerate the transformation to Services-As-A-Business by providing knowledge, structure and tools through our Services Accelerator Platform and our Services Accelerator Program.


  • The Services Accelerator Platform is the knowledge platform on which entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and implementation partners actively exchange knowledge and experiences based on self-introduced practical cases and questions.
  • The Services Accelerator Program accelerates and deepens the transformation to Services-As-A-Business through education, feasibility studies and transformation guidance. 
  • The formula: Evidence from Science & Practice is leading in everything we do. This formula is based on more than 20 years of practical experience in setting up service concepts and organizations, supported by proven scientific theories and models.

For whom?

  • Entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and implementation partners who embrace the challenges of a circular service economy as an opportunity.

“From transaction-oriented trading to continuously adding value”

The expert team

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ing. Arno Eussen MSc.

Accelerator of Services-As-A-Business.

  • Is energized by: entrepreneurs who dare to think and act outside the box.
  • Realizes: translates new insights into future proof business.


Meindert Close up2

dr. Meindert Flikkema PhD

Scientist affiliated with VU University Amsterdam.

  • Is energized by: has a passion for services and strategic innovation.
  • Realizes: science-based services knowledge programs.


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ing. Sebastiaan Zwinkels

Analyst and architect of new technology..

  • Is energized by: new technology and software architecture.
  • Realizes: design and architecture of technological applications.


"Services are pre-eminently an instrument to make your product portfolio circular and your business sustainable"

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