From idea to business case

You and your team concluded that your clients need your knowledge, experience and advice. Together, you discovered that you want to develop sustainable revenue models with services. A world of possibilities awaits. You want to get started, but where do you begin? And how?

"The Business Case provides us the information and structure to make the right choices."

The big picture

Together we outline the big picture with your company and your customers; what market developments exist and what customer needs can you fulfil? We develop your Business Case.

This is a unique concept to get creative ideas off the ground, make them concrete and test their feasibility. 

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The result

The result is a concrete Business Case with which you validate sustainable revenue models and make a concrete choice..

  • We create a service-market focus.
  • We establish revenue models.
  • We have insight into the required knowledge and experience.
  • We have insight into the development budget.
  • We create clarity in the expectations towards colleagues and customers.
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