Competing with Services

Are your service activities also a neglected child, a cost item, or even worse: the headache files department? Would you like to see that differently, but you are not sure how?

Services ecosystem

Digitization of the business is accelerating at a rapid pace. Digital communication has suddenly become the norm. Customer needs change rapidly. This requires remote monitoring, data analysis and finally data enrichment, which leads to valuable services for your customers and therefore for you!

But how do you do that? How do other entrepreneurs deal with this? ProfitableServices has conducted research into sustainable revenue models among 75 horticultural and machine building companies. With our services ecosystem we organize monthly online theme discussions based on a theme submitted by participants. During these free online discussions, the theme is highlighted from different angles by entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions as well as our own research results and practical experiences.

Questions that are frequently addressed in the theme discussions are:

  • What is the next step you want to take with services?
  • What does your services business case look like?
  • What is the technical feasibility?
  • How is the fit between the client needs and the services value proposition?
  • What is the economic viability?
  • What analyzes do you need to complete that business case?


After participating in a theme discussion, you will be part of the services ecosystem and, in addition to accessible substantive knowledge about the theme in question, you have broadened your knowledge network with like-minded professionals and knowledge institutions. After all, you will always receive a summary with the learnings and insights after each theme discussion.

Interesse in een aanvullend duurzaam verdienmodel? Schrijf je nu in!


The themes are put on the agenda based on the needs of the participants. The following themes will be scheduled soon:

  • Data access: how and with whom?
  • Financing of PAAS models?
  • Which legal aspects are relevant?

Arno Eussen
Is expert op het gebied van services. Hij neem jou mee in zijn ervaringen in het ontwikkelen van servicebedrijven. Daarin worden de kansen, valkuilen en succesfactoren uitvoering belicht.



For whom?

For senior executives who are involved in Business Development within scale-up companies in the manufacturing and tech industry.


  • Free
  • every last Wednesday of the month
  • from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30 am.
  • 100% interaction and therefore 90 minutes of discussion with like-minded people
  • Technique: Google Meet

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