Sharing knowledge is gathering knowledge

The Services Accelerator Platform is a knowledge platform for and by entrepreneurs who want to make Services an attractive value proposition together with their customers, inspired by state of the art insights from science and practice.

The transformation from Services-as-guarantee to Services-As-A-Business has many challenges. Many entrepreneurs have preceded you in this. With this platform we offer you the opportunity to spar with like-minded entrepreneurs about your services opportunities and challenges.

Monthly discussion sessions

The central theme of these online discussion sessions is based on 'Competing with Services', because we believe that competing in the 21st century is based on Services.
Why? You will experience that during our sessions!

Submit your case!

The discussion sessions are introduced with concrete practical questions or cases from entrepreneurs. These are then extensively discussed and explored by the participants. So, do not hesitate to bring up and share your questions or considerations, because 'the more you share, the more you get and learn'.

Exclusive discussion group

On LinkedIn we have created an exclusive group under the group name 'Services Accelerator Platform' where participants can start the dialogue with each other independently of our monthly sessions.
Do you want to join this private group? Then sign up here.

Arno Eussen
Is an accelerator of Services-As-A-Business and facilitates the monthly discussion sessions.



For whom?

For senior entrepreneurs and professionals who are involved in Business Development within scale-up companies in the manufacturing and tech industry.


  • Free
  • every last Wednesday of the month
  • from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30 am.
  • 100% interaction and therefore 90 minutes of discussion with like-minded people
  • Technique: Google Meet

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