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Your customers will continue to use the products you produce now, but their use will change. Just as everyone has continued to listen to music, but the way in which they do so has changed. First there was the album, then the CD, then an mp3. But now the product has become a service; Product as a Service - almost everyone listens to music with Spotify. No more record scratches, no more going to the store for the latest music and you have your music everywhere.

The same development can be seen in almost every area. How is your product changing to a Product as a Service? How can you unburden your customers? How do you create a new need?

The ProfitableServices platform provides you with the tools and knowledge to translate and leverage these aspects into your business and  to permanently strengthen your company with it.


You create an increased perception of the value of your products and services; your total proposition grows.

  • You have regular contact with your customers, not only when they have a complaint. This gives you more insight into the behaviour of your customers. This allows you to develop your services better and faster and also to tailor them to the needs of your customers.
  • Customers achieve better results with your products, because you inform them proactively. This gives you more loyal customers who even become ambassadors, which attracts more new customers.
  • You get first-hand user experiences from customers more often, allowing you to respond quickly to market developments and needs.
  • You can continuously inform your customers about the latest developments in the market and about your own offer.

Business operations

You develop an additional earning model with more continuity and unlimited global growth.

  • Knowledge is a complementary revenue model that is easy to scale up to unlimited global growth.
  • Your company acquires more value and a better result from existing services.
  • You guarantee continuity and your company becomes future proof.
  • You reduce failure costs through more usage information.
  • You become a more attractive employer; you offer good prospects to your employees and increase their involvement. This means less staff turnover and easier recruitment.


With Profitable Services you develop more knowledge faster. This attracts customers, cooperation partners and good staff.

  • If you can offer your knowledge and service in a product, that makes you an authority.
  • It accelerates your knowledge development and stimulates innovation in your company.

Good luck and kind regards from, 

the ProfitableServices team