Is it true that your customer does not want to pay for services?

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Is it true that your customer does not want to pay for services?

“My customer wants only my product and nothing more.”

Does your customer really want nothing more than your product, or is this the image you have created? After all, you determine your proposal and its value - nobody else!

More than enough work

Do you have a full order portfolio, impatient customers and just not enough staff to deliver the goods? So does it make sense for you to focus 100% on production?

Are you afraid that your customer may opt for a different supplier if you don’t?

Writing quotations

A greenhouse construction entrepreneur is receiving more and more quotation requests for a greenhouse with installations. The Sales department is always conversion driven, so under the motto that the customer is king, a nice quotation is prepared for the customer. But is that really what the customer wants? Is it truly the product that will give the customer the best yield in the long term?

Product or long-term advice?

“Why do you send a quotation within a month if a proper quotation requires at least three months and a thorough feasibility analysis?” That is what I ask the entrepreneur. After all, it’s about a sustainable production resource that costs tens of millions and should last at least twenty years.

“That’s the way our customers are; they only want our product,” he replies slightly frustrated. He has accepted the customer’s behaviour. This behaviour stems from lack of knowledge on the part of the customer, the market and yes, also on the part of the entrepreneur who has accepted this situation.

Is it a case of not wanting or not being aware?

The entrepreneur unconsciously opts for a subservient role in the market in which he only competes on the basis of his product and price. He is not applying his knowledge and experience to the fullest. While the value of this could literally earn the customer millions by better balancing market opportunities and investments. This does, however, require a thorough feasibility analysis. Do the customers not want this, or are they simply not aware of their options?

You determine the value of your knowledge and experience

The cost price of your products is easy to determine. Determining the value of your knowledge and experience is an entirely different matter. You have the option to determine it yourself, to offer it in your proposal and, by doing so, distinguishing yourself from others. Then it’s up to the customer to decide on the investment that will give him the best yield in the long term.

It all starts with you, as entrepreneur, you are the one who decides!

What will be included in your next quotation?

Make a start with your next quotation. Do not only include what your product costs, but also what the possibilities are if you give actionable advice for the long term. What opportunities may your potential client seize if he not only buys your product but your advice as well? And what can you deliver at what price?

Do you want to know the value of your knowledge?

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