What is the ProfitableServices platform?

ProfitableServices is a toolbox that allows you to develop and launch profitable services for your business. The toolbox contains digital instructions and use cases and if desired personal support and coaching by skilled entrepreneurs.

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ProfitableServices - how?

  1. You get access to the toolbox via 'My ProfitableServices'.
  2. Together we build a dedicated team of innovative professionals. *
  3. This team works in a start-up environment. *
  4. Your team works in short sprints with the help of digital instructions.
  5. Our expert team helps your team by providing proven knowledge, structure and tools. *

* = only for scale-up- and enterprise toolbox.

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What is in it for me?

  1. You market your unique knowledge in service products.
  2. You increase the distinctive character of your organization.
  3. You increase the interaction with your customer.
  4. You accelerate your innovation.
  5. You free yourself from routine issues.
  6. Your productivity rises.
  7. You exceed customer expectations!
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"ProfitableServices: useful, valuable and an effective process accelerator. ”