Are you also looking for sustainable revenue models?

'Then you are not the only one. Many entrepreneurs are looking for sustainable revenue models. The manufacturing and tech industry is familiar territory for me, in which I have set up and sold three service companies myself. I have experienced what service can bring. It is my purpose to help you, as entrepreneur of a manufacturing or tech company in the scale-up phase, to make services work for you. Are you in?"

We look forward to seeing you, Arno Eussen (creator of sustainable revenue models)

Service is the growth engine, what are you waiting for?

An iPhone is a nice device, but what matters is what you can do with it. The device is a condition, but it's all about the app store.

Imagine you supply heat pumps. The device is also a condition here, but what services could you offer around it? You now sell that heat pump once. In a service model, revenue returns annually. Your services and turnover grow year after year!

What if the macro economic trend, as shown in the graph opposite, also applies to your company?


Research subjects

With this research we explore the following subjects together:

  • your future vision and ambitions
  • pains from your customers
  • your current service activities
  • bottlenecks in the realization of your future vision and ambition

What are the benefits for you?

  • refining your vision for the future
  • insight into new revenue models
  • free participant of our ProfitableServices community where you can share insights with fellow entrepreneurs
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Yes, I would like to participate in the 'sustainable revenue models' research!

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