From assumptions to facts

You have an idea about Services, but what is your potential? How do you make that concrete in a Services Business Case? What service models are there and what is feasible? Have you thought about the Change Case? And how will you finance your Services? 'Think before you leap' says an old saying and that is what we facilitate with feasibility studies.
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"Knowledge and structure provide insight into our potential!"

Services Business Case

The Services Business Case creates a solid foundation for the feasibility of and support for your Services. 

Total cost of serving

Which service models are there and which are relevant to you? What is the total cost of ownership of your product for your customer? What is the total cost of serving?

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Servitization in one Day

Change Case

Services have an impact on all facets of your organization. What requirements does the Services Business Case impose on the infrastructure, processes and competencies? How will you bring in the required knowledge and skills?

Chain transformation

Services is a chain affair. How do you transform a transaction-driven business into a performance-driven business?

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Financing options

What financing models are there? What are the best practices and how can you apply them? This process takes 6 to 9 months.

Risk assessment

What commitment do you make with Services? What requirements do you set for customers and suppliers? How did you ensure that legally? A thorough risk analysis of your Services Business Case gives direction to your financing options.

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"The world is changing too fast and is too complex to have all the answers in house."