Services is a different game, but how do you play it?

Why is developing and launching Services propositions so complicated? Why is this underestimated by almost everyone? Do you have any insights into what it will cost your organization if the Services proposition does not get the attention it deserves? The successful exploitation of Services propositions requires a different approach and a transformation!
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Baseline measurement 'stakeholder analysis'

Which stakeholders are relevant to your Services? What are the needs and expectations of customers, colleagues and suppliers? Do you have a historical insight into your Service activities and processes?

Value drivers

The baseline measurement identifies the value drivers of your Services value propositions.

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Design 'minimum viable Service'

Are you also used to developing new products yourself? Is the physical product central to all innovation? Then all your actions are focused on Product-Dominant-Logic, in which Services will continue to play a minor role.


Services-Dominant-logic focuses on Services. This is a critical transformation during the development of a Minimum Viable Service. We do this in co-creation with a launching customer group.

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Implementation 'Services-As-A-Business´

Services-As-A-Business requires different processes, infrastructure and competences. Ideally, the organization is even organized separately from the core business. This transformation requires the capacity to change for the entire enterprise.

Your customer as your business unit

You will see your customer's business as if it were a business unit of your own. That requires continuous monitoring and attention for your customer. 

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"Consider your customer's business as if it were a business unit of your own!"

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