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In the workshop Leading in Services we take you and your team on the journey that your customers experience when they buy your product and after they have bought it. In it, we make you aware of the urgency of knowledge needs among customers and the value you can provide with services. We approach this from a strategic, social and technological perspective.

“The workshop was an eye-opener and created new insights into the added value of services."

Technology changes customer expectations

Customer expectations are growing. The technological developments that your customers see everywhere around them are accelerating this growth. They have Google, Netflix and Spotify at home. The market is changing from ownership to use. Technology services are developing into Software as a Service. Your customers are therefore coming to expect similar opportunities from your products.

Which technological developments are influencing your products?

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Knowledge requirements of your customers

If they pay, they'll stay; if you continue to give your knowledge free of charge with your products, you’re making insufficient use of your potential. But if you give that knowledge value and a concrete price, your customer will see it in a different light and will also value your knowledge.

Authority in your field

You can become the ultimate authority in your field with profitable services. Particularly if your production has reached its growth limits, and competition is fierce. This will ensure their loyalty, because you stand out from the crowd and they regard you as an authority in your field. Moreover, these services can easily grow because they are scalable.

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  • Insight into the knowledge needs of your customers.
  • Insight where you stand and what it takes to get started.
  • Insight into the route you walk (Business Case).


  • Time and commitment for half a day.
  • € 5.000 (excluding VAT).
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“The biggest insight is that service provision is a completely different ballgame. It requires a dedicated team in order to be successful!”


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