What is your Return On Services?

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Services as sustainable revenue model?

Making products is your focus. You see service as an extension of your product, while it is an independent product with great value for your customer. Could service become a sustainable revenue model to strengthen your business model?

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"There is never a free lunch!"

Every customer appreciates good services. You don't always charge that. That approach can change. Profitable Services transforms your free service into a sustainable revenue model. We accelerate together with you, innovate your business model and provide profitable services.

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Exceed customer expectations

Are you an entrepreneur in the scaling-up phase of a tech company or a manufacturing company? We give you a surprising perspective with new insights to exceed customer expectations. Take part in our 'sustainable revenue model' research and receive free guidance for the development of your profitable services.

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Does service not fit in with your daily practice?

How can you, in addition to your daily business operations, provide more service with your products and optimally support your customers? Your customers do not always use your products as intended, or do not take full advantage of them. 

Innovation in services

Innovation in services will help customers to get more out of your products with your knowledge, advice and service. However, your focus is on your products and you do not really have the time. Discover what services can mean for you? 

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Could you support your customer better and earlier on?

You are often confronted with product specification errors or technically awkward and expensive solutions after the fact. How can you get involved in the preliminary phase of your customer’s project?

Provide knowledge

Offer your knowledge in sustainable revenue models to advise your customer, protect against mistakes and make the right decisions at the right time. Sign up and receive the latest practical insights and tips for free.

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"Alert, knowledgeable and decisive. Profitable Services is of lasting value for our business!"   

Discover how sustainable your revenue model is?

Discover how you can exceed customer expectations and generate sustainable revenues by providing services with your products. This journey is different for each company, but in any case differs from the one you are currently on. 

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Are you the cheapest or the best?

"That horticultural sector is really penniless. That has always been the case. If I am not the sharpest, my competitor is and I lose trade. So don't come up with great stories about new revenue models, because that just doesn't work for us! "

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Your mindset is key

Tesla's value has risen to over a thousand dollars per share in corona times, as car sales collapse. Because although Tesla makes cars, it is valued as a tech company. If that is possible in the automotive sector, why not in your sector?

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New life in an industry that has almost come to a standstill: the bottle and the label

The question is not whether your company is affected by corona, but when, how violently and for how long. Is your core business, which has been your formula for success, under pressure for a long time or is it no longer viable at all? Then think about the label of your business.