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You and your customers are used to handling products and/or services purely through transactions. I would like to help you realize the transformation to recurring revenue. You can schedule a personal appointment for this in which we determine together: - where you are now, - what your ambition is, - what low-hanging fruit could be, and - a roadmap on how you can approach this.

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Services Accelerator Program

This program has been developed for entrepreneurs, business developers, R&D professionals and service managers in the manufacturing industry. With this program we transfer our knowledge and experience to accelerate your transformation to

Your Services expert team

Every customer appreciates good service. You don't always charge that. That can be done differently. Profitable Services transforms your free services into a recurring revenue model. We accelerate together with you, innovate your business model and make your company Future Proof!

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How can service remain manageable with tech?How can service remain manageable with tech?

Your manufacturing company a tech company? That sounds unrealistic, almost science fiction. Or not?

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How can you increase the distinctive character of your products?

Do you want to distinguish yourself with your products by connecting them to the internet? Do you want to innovate in technology to beat your competitors? Do you really think technology is the solution to all your business problems?

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Is your business being overtaken by service providers?

Start-ups eat the bread, because they successfully market service subscriptions, without any legacy and without their own products. How do they do that?

Product-As-A-Service is not a final destination, but a route!