Personal mission

I help entrepreneurs to strengthen their business by accelerating strategic innovation. This innovation is based on the pillars: digitization, modularization and servitization. With this approach, every company is able to develop scalable business with recurring sustainable revenue models that fulfill the wishes and requirements of a circular economy.


If you see your customer's business as a business unit of your own, sustainable entrepreneurship is a matter of course. Taking responsibility for and beyond your product equals understanding and monitoring the process at your customer. In this way you continuously optimize and guarantee the process for your customer. This mindset strengthens your customer relationship, revenue model and knowledge development in an endless game in which you work on his business together with your customer.


Since 2002 I have developed dozens of service concepts for entrepreneurs in the trade, manufacturing and tech industries. In addition, I started and sold three of my own service companies. With this knowledge I would like to help entrepreneurs to accelerate the transformation to a circular economy and also to improve the earnings model.


I am a pioneer who likes to leave the beaten track, which is why I enjoy working with entrepreneurs whose company is in a scaling-up phase, with vision and the ambition to take new directions.

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Future vision

I see entrepreneurs struggling with their customers' growing need for knowledge::

  • How can customers make optimal use of the delivered products? How to prevent failure costs and minimise start-up costs, while the knowledge level within the customers’ organisations is constantly decreasing?
  • How can customers maximise their return on investment?
  • How can customers internally secure and transfer the knowledge they have acquired?

Transition to a subscription economy

At the same time, I believe that within five years, entrepreneurs will have to link professional services to their products, in order to justify their existence. In ten years' time, most companies will have sales based on services rather than physical products. 

I see companies being confronted with this transition from a manufacturing to a knowledge-based economy, and from products to services, including those in the horticultural sector. Technological developments have raised customer expectations to unprecedented levels. That is why I want to contribute to a sustainable, global labour market with knowledge that is accessible to everyone.

The best approach is to focus on services. Not only to keep your customers happy, but also to help your staff grow intellectually, so that they can enjoy their work more and have more energy, and enjoy working for you.

Projects have been realized for these companies, among others:

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