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Your ego says "grow" but your purpose says "bloom"

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Growth in turnover, employees and business space is tangible. It caresses your ego, because what could be better than being visibly successful, right?

However, the happiness of growth is fleeting. Is your revenue model in line with your purpose?

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Service as a selling point for your product?

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"Discussions about services only distract the customer and raise too much resistance in the sales process, right?"


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Service, an earnings model?

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Ask ten entrepreneurs about service and they all say it is extremely important to keep their customers satisfied.

"But what do you mean by 'keeping satisfied'?"


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Is it true that your customer does not want to pay for services?

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“My customer wants only my product and nothing more.” Does your customer really want nothing more than your product, or is this the image you have created?

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Free service? Don’t set your customer on the wrong track!

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Do you also provide a free service in addition to your product? Is the fee included in the price of the product? Are you, as an entrepreneur, constantly busy in keeping your customers satisfied?

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Are you a supplier or expert?

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Once your customers have bought your products you’d rather not have anything to do with it anymore. Each of their questions is a bother and costs money. You can only benefit if you sell your products to them. Right?

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